Part of the reality of the world we live in is that most business need an online presence, which can feel like a daunting endeavor. I am here to help you!

I help spiritual entrepreneurs get the focus and tech support they need to bring their businesses online through virtual courses and membership platforms.  I’m here for the business owner ready to take their business to the next level: to stop the cycle of overwhelm or the endless dreaming of ideas without action, and move into calm, focus and intentional action

Take a look below to get more information and feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

This is for the entrepreneur who needs both the strategy and implementation.

  This package begins with a 1-2 kick off call so we can dig into your business hopes, dreams and roadblocks.  I want to get to know you and begin to lay the foundations for successful communications.  After the call we will both be clear on what needs to be achieved and the steps required to get to our goals.  

As well as our kick off call, other aspects of the retainer (up to 10 hours of implementation):

  • Updates to Kajabi courses
  • customised project management system
  • Weekly strategy calls (1 hour or less)
  • Creation of Landing pages 
  • Image creation in Canva
  • Continued accountability and support
  • Brainstorming sessions
  • Creation of systems 
  • Social Media support
  • Creation of PDFs and printables for courses
  • Much more!  If you don’t see your tasks listed then please reach out and ask.
Packages are for a minimum of 3 months.

Want the support and clarity but don’t want the added implementation?  This offer is for you!

Ideally suited for the business owner who has hit a roadblock in their growth and is ready for a loving and supportive set of eyes on the behind the scenes world.

This 3-4 hour conversation has us digging into the business, sifting through the ideas and lifting the best ones up and to the light (much like Simba in the Lion King!)

After our call, I will create a roadmap for you to get you to launch or through the next quarter.  You will feel confident knowing exactly what you need to do along the way, allowing you to be more focused when working on your business so you can devote more time working IN your business.  I’ll also be available via Voxer or Marco Polo for 2 weeks following our call in case you have any questions about the plan.

This call can be purchased as a one off or as a quarterly package.

Have you been sitting on a Kajabi membership but not doing anything? Let’s change that by working together to create the presence that you are excited to point clients to.

We begin with an initial call that results in homework that must be completed before the implementation day is booked.  I will give you lists of copy to write, images to select, branding info to provide along with any login information I might need.  It might feel like a lot but I promise it will be worth it!  If needs be, I can provide accountability to make sure that you don’t stray too far off the path!

Once you have completed the work, you can book the implementation day and the real magic begins.  I’ll wave my magic tech wand, knocking our task list down and checking in along the way for your input.

The package can include:
  • transfer of email contacts
  • set up of a basic homepage
  • set up of 1 product (or event sequence if needed)
  • set up of 1 sales or event page
  • set up of email opt-in/ lead capture
  • paid version of Kajabi
  • Branding colours, fonts and logos (can be in process at time of initial call)
  • A timeline for launch or date for event

If you are ready to stop stockpiling ideas and make them a reality, then book your exploration call today!

Are you pumped and ready to enact change? Sick of going back and forth, attempting to complete tasks over a period of multiple days, weeks, or months? 

This VIP Day gives you the option to condense months of work into one action-packed day. I’ll be fully available to handle tasks like cleaning up your current offerings, building landing pages, setting up your membership site, and more. You’ll leave feeling accomplished and ready to move forward.

  1. Planning and pre-work – Why do you need a hyper-focused day to Get Sh*t Done? We’ll begin with a 1-hour planning call to define your goals, hash out the details, and choose the format for collaboration that works best for you. From there, I’ll send you a list of customised pre-work and tasks to complete so the day itself feels as productive as possible.
  2. GSD day – This scheduled day will allow us to fly through tasks and bound towards the finish line! You’ll have exclusive access to me for the entire day—plan on being available to answer questions and pop champagne as needed. By the end of the day, your to-do list will be significantly shorter (if not non-existent).
  3. Focused follow-up – In the week following our VIP day, we’ll have a conversation to tie up loose ends and strategise your next steps. If you need additional resources to maintain your momentum, we’ll discuss how I can support you with educational materials, ongoing support, and more. 

Are you excited?  Ready to take action and feel the calm that comes from getting that task list under control? Then book your exploration call and let’s get started!

Each package is as unique as the businesses they support so prices vary based on need but most people pay between $500-$1000.  To ensure we are a good fit and so I can get a sense of what you need, each package begins with a 30 minute discovery call.  

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